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UFC Events & Fight Cards

It's hard to keep track of all the UFC events and fight cards, especially when there are so many! 

The UFC schedule is always changing. You can't keep up with everything unless you have a tool that tells you what fights are coming soon or even tonight.

We created this simple app for fans to find out about upcoming UFC events as well as current fight cards and results. Our app includes a calendar that lets you see every event scheduled in the near future along with links to watch live on your computer or mobile device.

What is the UFC?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is an internationally known sport that features a variety of different types of combative martial arts.

A few examples include: fighting with hands, feet or other weapons like bats; wrestling on the ground but not allowed when the opponent has mount position ; striking unarmed opponents who are not wearing protective headgear . The tournament usually takes place in round-robin format underCard knockout rules – which means each fighter gets two chances against another during one five minute period called "fight night."

Why should I watch the UFC?

It is no secret that the UFC has become a mainstay in today's society. MMA fighters are household names and their fights can be seen on TV every week! The casualness of this sport will make you think it’s just another reality show, but don't let your guard down- these athletes train hard for hours each day so they're able to perform at an elite level when fighting behind closed doors or inside those Octagons (that sound sexy).

How do you get started watching the UFC?

What are you waiting for? Watch the best fights in your browser, on-demand and live!

The UFC is streaming its biggest events this year so far. You can watch every fight with no blackout dates or cable login necessary to access it all through different devices including PlayStation 4s of course if that's what interests them most at present moment but also Xbox One as well depending upon where one lives globally across various regions, click to find out more.

The best time to watch a fight card 

You're a cage fighter, and you don't know when the next fight is? Here are some helpful tips on how to watch our favorite sport.

There's nothing like tuning into your local fights live or recording them so they can be watched later at home! A lot of people prefer Sunday morning starting around 8am EST because there won’t usually be any major events happening during this time period which would take away from coverage for those who want it (and really - who doesn't?). If that does happen though?"I always wait until 11 am," said eager bettor Johnny Cash."The matches get good then!"

The most popular fighters in the UFC 

The most popular fighters in the UFC are often considered to be pound-for-pound greats.

A list of some notable names includes: Georges St Pierre, Anderson Silva , Jon Jones andMiesha Tate . These men have all won championships within mixed martial arts as well other combat sports such as fencing or wrestling before they became famous for fighting inside an arena where it's just two people against one another without any rules regarding what type weapons may be used etc...

The future of MMA and how it relates to other sports, like boxing or football

The future of mixed martial arts is very promising. It has a lot in common with other sports such as boxing or football, but there are still some differences that set it apart from them too - for example you cannot use your hands during hand-to-hand combat unlike what happens when boxers have opponents at close range so they can hit each other without any interference from an opponent who could potentially cause serious damage if not stopped quickly enough by referees before blows land on vulnerable areas like eyes etc., another key difference between MMA and its counterparts would be weight classifications since fighters usually fight unlicensed unless otherwise agreed upon ahead.


We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning about what UFC events are, how they work and the thought process behind their fight cards. As a fighter or fan of MMA in general, it is important to know as much as possible about this sport. With more knowledge comes a deeper appreciation for everything going on inside the octagon at any given time! If you have any questions or need help finding out when your favorite fighters will be fighting next, contact us today!